POINT History

Long History of POINT Organization

Our history goes back to 1968. Throughout the years we helped our constituents for various community and social needs.

1968 –  North Toronto Committee Concerned About Youth was formed with the purpose of providing programs and services for youth in Wards 10 and 11.

1971 – The name changed to POINT (People and Organizations in North Toronto) in order to reflect the broadened scope of the organization. POINT became the voluntary planning and development agency for social and health services in the North Toronto community and the information centre for these services.

1972 – A part-time Co-ordinating Secretary was hired and the first office was set up in space donated by The Addiction Research Foundation.

1974 – POINT was incorporated and obtained the status of a charitable organization. Project funding was obtained from the United Way.

1976 – POINT became a member agency of the United Way.

1982 – POINT relocated in St. Clement’s Anglican Church.

1984 – After twelve years of advocating for a community centre, the City of Toronto, Department of Parks and Recreation called on POINT to develop a community based working committee and provide the leadership in planning a centre for North Toronto.

1985 – SPRINT (Senior People’s Resources in North Toronto) became independent of POINT with its own Board of Directors, funding and office space.

1986 – The POINT Board ended the practice of monthly general meetings and focused its resources on a) housing and b) changing family structures and their effect on children.

1987  – POINT began planning for a health centre to be located in the former 53 Division police station at Montgomery and Yonge Streets. 1988 POINT Endowment Fund established by donation from an estate to be administered by a committee of POINT Board. Purpose is to fund education and training of staff and volunteers and to encourage and support development of volunteer services in North Toronto.

1990  – The Anne Johnston Health Station became independent of POINT.

1993 – The North Toronto Memorial Community Centre opened on May 8th and POINT celebrated 25 years of service in North Toronto. The POINT office relocated in the community centre.

1995 – POINT developed a full information, referral and counseling service, provided by staff and trained volunteers. A POINT committee led in the development and support of Ewart Angus Homes. This organization will provide residences for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Seniors’ Congregate Dining Program initiated by POINT in collaboration with SPRINT, Parkdale Golden Age Foundation, City of Toronto Departments of Parks and Recreation and Public Health.

1996 – The POINT Community Information Service became an accredited Information Centre and a full member of the Association of Community Information Centres in Ontario.

1997 – POINT Transition Team struck to define POINT’s future role in the community in view of restructuring in health and social services, and creation of the new City of Toronto. Assessment of the POINT Community Information Service initiated.

1998 – POINT celebrated its 30th Anniversary. POINT was founding member of CHAIN, Community Health Assessment and Improvement Network. Ground breaking ceremony for Ewart Angus Homes took place with ongoing participation of local city councilors. Monthly community meetings reconvened as North North Citizens’ Assembly meetings.

1999 – POINT received funding from the Stratton Fund, part of the portfolio of the Toronto Community Foundation, to undertake a community needs assessment project of North Toronto.

2000 – POINT received grant from Industry Canada, under the Community Access Program (CAP) to set up a public internet site in North Toronto.

2001 – New United Way funding approved to support further development of POINT Community Information Service.
Produced the “Student Volunteer Resource Guide” to provide secondary school students with information on volunteer opportunities available with agencies and organizations primarily in the North Toronto area.

2002 – Development of POINT housing web page. Growth of POINT Internet CAP Site.

2003 – POINT began Income Tax Clinics.

2004 – Launch of “The Great Garden Adventure” pilot program for children in partnership with the North Toronto Green Community.

2005 – Published new editions of Student Volunteer Resource Guide and North Toronto Child Care Directory “The Great Garden Adventure” – number of participants doubled

2006 – 4th Youth Leadership Conference with largest number of participants ever.

2007 – Successfully obtained 2 year United Way grant for Newcomer Programs.

2008 – Successfully obtained two New Horizons Grant for seniors.

2009 – Produced North Toronto Senior’s Housing Directory

2010 – Successfully obtained New Horizons Grants for seniors for implementation in 2011.

2011 – Produced and developed the “Seniors’ Caregiver Handbook, A Step by Step Guide” (2nd edition)

2012 – POINT received a Toronto Public Health grant to provide a Diabetes Prevention educational program to immigrants from South Asia, East Asia, the Caribbean, and other ethno-racial groups at higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes

2013 – Developed a publication entitled “North Toronto Parks” to encourage residents to become more physically active through walking. Implementation of New Horizons Grant for seniors.

2014 – New POINT Strategic Plan developed for 2014-2017.

2015 – Launched new website. Relaunch of quarterly POINT by POINT newsletter. Relaunch of Mid-Town Youth Council. Published ‘Made With Love’ healthy recipes from the seniors community and ‘Green Pickle: A Mental Health Newsletter for Youth’. Implemented New Horizons Seniors Grant and Prevention of Diabetes Grant.

2016 – Secured two years funding from United Way Toronto York Region for seniors, newcomers and youth. Published ‘Seniors Volunteer Guide’ . Implemented New Horizons Seniors Grant and Ontario Seniors Secretariat Grant.

2017 – Implemented Youth Sports and Recreation Grant. Published ‘The Little Book of Youth Employment’ and ‘Technology For Seniors: An Introductory Guide To Smartphones, Tablet, And Social Media’.

2018 – 50th Anniversary of Community Engagement