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Senior Volunteer Resource Guide

The Senior Volunteer Resource Guide is a one-stop shop for older adults looking to volunteer. No matter where your interests lies, this guide features a variety of volunteer opportunities within the Greater Toronto Area.


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The Green Pickle: A mental health newsletter for youth

The Green Pickle is a publication created by the Midtown Toronto Youth Council (MTYC) to address the need for youth mental health resources and support services.


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Made with Love - A cookbook by and North Toronto Seniors

Made With Love is a compilation of simple, healthy and delicious recipes. All of the recipes of the cookbook were provided to us by seniors of North Toronto with the hope that they will bring as much joy to readers as they have brought themselves. Throughout the process of composing this book, North Toronto seniors learned the importance of supporting our economy, health and environment through purchasing locally grown produce.


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Student Volunteer Resource Guide

This guide has been created to provide secondary school students with a list of volunteer opportunities and/or contact positions for agencies/organizations primarily in the North Toronto area. It should be noted that the volunteer opportunities listed in the guide are not the only volunteer positions being offered in North Toronto or the City of Toronto.


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POINT Senior's Caregiver Handbook

This Handbook is a step by step guide to provide information, guidance and support for you as a Caregiver. The Handbook offers information about a variety of resources that are available to help you with caregiving. It also provides suggestions to assist you in accessing and effectively interacting with Community Support agencies, health care service providers, support groups and various organizations.


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North Toronto Seniors' Housing Directory

POINT is pleased to produce the North Toronto Seniors’ Housing Directory for local residents and anyone else beyond North Toronto, who may find  this Directory to be useful (to their family and friends). We also have a registry for those who require, or who are available for home help/homemaking. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information in this Directory.


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