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Youth Living Well

Youth Living Well is an interpersonal skills-building group for youth and young adults aged 16-24 who are affected by mood disorders and related issues. The open-ended group meets twice a month and focuses on relationship issues with immediate family members, friends and other close supporters. Youth Living Well incorporates facilitated peer support discussions, and group exercises centered around topics such as stigma, assertiveness, active listening and personal boundaries.

Dates: The second and fourth Thursday of each month
Time: 6:00pm-8:30pm
To RSVP: Contact Daniel at or 416-486-8046 ext. 237


Upward Youth Advocacy & Legal Services


Our mission is to provide legal and advocacy services that will enhance the lives of children and youth at risk and youth who are involved with the criminal justice system.


Criminal Law
Upward Youth Advocacy & Legal Services provides legal representation for youth charged with a criminal offence, including but not limited to: Offence Against Person, Rights of Property and/or Administration of Law & Justice, as well as, Drug/Substance of Weapon/Firearm Offences.

Community Advocacy
Upward Youth Advocacy and Legal Services seeks to assist community service providers and government agencies in finding solutions to the unique issues facing at-risk children, youth and families by providing legal research and policy and program recommendations.

Pro Bono Work
Upward Youth Advocacy & Legal Services is strongly committed to community progress and youth development. As a part of our commitment we are dedicating a percentage of our time and skills to pro bono service on a case by case basis.


All youth who are charged with a criminal offence are entitled to competent legal representation. We will represent all youth in need of legal representation. However, we are particularly interested in ensuring that youth from low income families and/or disenfranchised communities have access to competent legal representation. We accept legal aid certificates as payment for legal services rendered.


Description: is made up of a community of volunteers who are here to support you – whatever you are going through.

All volunteers are trained in emotional support, crisis response, and ASIST Suicide First Aid.

We won’t give you advice, or tell you what to do because we believe you know you best! We work to empower you to live your healthiest life. We will support you in the moment, encourage you to explore your thoughts, feelings, fears, options, ideas, and resources.

Programs & Services:

Online Chat / SMS Text Chat (778-783-0177)
On any night, between 6pm and midnight PST, you can click on “Online Chat” or “SMS Text Chat” to chat with us. We want to hear what’s going on for you. You do not need to be in ‘crisis’ to chat with us. We can chat about stress, relationships, school, suicide, abuse, or other concerns on your mind. We don’t give advice because we believe everyone is resourceful, capable and has the right to make their own decisions. We will help you explore ideas, options, supports and resources. We’re here to help you build and access strategies for coping with life’s many challenges.

Youth counsellors are trained to provide support for a variety of issues, including:
•Relationships and Social Life
•Family Conflict
•School and Work Challenges
•Addictions and Substance Abuse
•Violence and Abuse
•Mental, Physical and Sexual Health
•Other issues you are dealing with

Receive peer support by asking questions in topic related online forums.

Contact: For more information, visit



LOFT’s mission is to help people achieve their optimal health and well-being in the community, LOFT offers unwavering support and hope. We serve people living with complex mental health, addictions, cognitive and physical health challenges, offering a range of services and housing delivered in the community. Through innovation, investment, expertise and collaboration we respond to changing needs in our diverse community.

The LOFT Transitional Age Youth Program (TAY) seeks to fill the significant gaps that exist between youth and adult services sectors, and between hospital and community-based services. LOFT youth programs seek to harness each youth’s own personal strengths in order to encourage independence. Our programs aim to develop an empathetic, hopeful and continuous relationship with each client, taking a holistic approach to ensure each client receives services appropriate to his or her individual needs.

Programs & Services:

Case Management
Community-based support, system navigation and advocacy to link youth to needed services and resources. Our case managers are mobile, meeting with youth in their preferred surroundings in the community, rather than requiring youth to appear at an office for an appointment. They assist at-risk youth in meeting the needs of all areas of their lives and help them get the medical, financial, emotional, employment and recreational supports they need to be healthier, happier and independent.

Supportive Housing
LOFT offers a range of housing models, from the high-support group homes at Beverley Lodge and Ingles House with staff on-site 24/7, through a medium support option with staff available at regular times each day, to low-support housing where youth live together and manage their homes co-operatively, practicing the skills of independent living, without ongoing staff presence.

Community Evening and Weekend Treatment Program
A partnership between LOFT, CAMH and Sick Kids. Research shows that young people with mental health and addiction issues are most vulnerable during early evening and weekend hours. There were no youth oriented support groups available during these times until now. This program will help at least 130 youth a year.



The Spot, Where YOU(th) Want To Be, offers programming for youth between the ages of 13-30. Using our resources, we are committed to directly engaging with youth to support and help youth in the community.

Programs & Services:


Community Kitchen (14-29yrs)
Provide youth with an opportunity to learn how to prepare meals and eat with friends.
Dates: Wednesday, biweekly

Girls Group (15-19yrs)
The Young Women’s Mind program is a social group for young women. It is a small, intimate collection of driven women. Members of the group support each other in striving to accomplish their goals, whatever they may be. The group seeks to be a resource available to young women who want to be positive, productive contributors to their community, and is a great way to connect with other peers with similar but diverse interests and goals.
Date: Wednesdays 5:00-7:00pm

Basketball Program
Free access to Westview Centennial basketball court to participate in weekly activities.
Date: Monday (20 yrs +) Thursday (19 yrs +)

Support Services

No Mind Left Behind (under 29yrs)
This program offers to help youth with their school work and provide whatever academic support they need. Tutoring is free so drop by with your work and get some help going through it.
Date: Monday 5:30-7:30, Wednesdays-Thursday 4:00-6:00pm

Food Bank
Provide youth with free access to basic provisions and non-perishable items.
Date: Second Thursday of every month

Helping Youth Reach Employment (HYRE)
The HYRE program develops and delivers tailored one-on one support and workshops for youth to gain and maintain meaningful employment according to their needs (full-time/part-time):
Pre-employment skills training
•Job search skills training
•Job placement opportunities (e.g., job board, job binder, social media feeds)
•Basic skills training (e.g., read, write, math)
•Career development
•Life skills training (e.g., aggression replacement)

This service enables newcomers to access the information and guidance they need in order to settle in their community, to prepare their entry into the Canadian labour market and to become active Canadian citizens.
We also provide ongoing educational workshops, such as:
• Introduction To Canada
• Citizenship Preparation Test
• Sources Of information on rights
• Rights And Freedoms
• Canadian Law And Justice
• Assistance in completing immigration forms and other forms of assistance

The Anne Johnston Health Station


The Anne Johnston Health Station (AJHS) is a not-for-profit community health centre providing a wide range of programs and services that promote the health and well-being of youth, seniors and people with physical disabilities. We are a fully accessible barrier free environment. All of our programs and services are confidential and free of charge and include primary health care, disease prevention, health promotion and community development.

Programs & Services:

Teens Cooking with Body and Mind (BAM)
Learn how to prepare quick and healthy meals with our registered dietitian while talking about issues that impact youth. Focus on healthy decision making and raising awareness about health related topics. Create displays, bulletin boards, brochures and other materials to educate youth about the impact of poverty on health, stress, relationships, body image, substance use, etc. This program includes Peer Leadership opportunities. Participate and earn up to 15 community involvement hours.


Youth who live, work or go to school in the area bound by Highway 401 to Bloor Street and Bathurst Avenue to Bayview Avenue.

Contact: Anne Crasto, Health Promoter
Phone: (416) 486-8666 ext. 263

Toronto Public Library
Toronto Public Library provides free and equitable access to services which meet the changing needs of Torontonians. The Library preserves and promotes universal access to a broad range of human knowledge, experience, information and ideas in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Programs & Services:

Youth Hub
A free after school homework help program for students in grades 7 to 10 available in math, science, English, French, and other subjects as needed.

Homework Help
This program offers free one-to-one tutoring to students from Grades 7 to 12 and runs once a week from October to May.

SKETCH is entering its 19th year of providing creative training initiatives for street-involved, homeless and at-risk youth. Our model of youth engagement enhances both practical and transferrable skills, while serving as a conduit for increased wellbeing and social and civic participation. Participants have endorsed the SKETCH model as an effective and life-affirming approach to surmounting the constraints and stigma of poverty, homelessness and marginalization.

Programs  & Services:

Living Well
Learn about resources and grow your network! Discussions and artmaking on how to live well.

Painting & Drawing
Explore painting, drawing, life drawing, illustration and more!

Acting Out
A program where young people, with lived-experience in the social service sector, are trained to use theatre to engage in system change.

A unique learning space where you can build skills, knowledge, and networks based on your needs. We provide workshops, hands-on learning experiences, and opportunities to access guidance and insight from other leaders in the youth-arts and community sectors.


Eligibility: Ages 16-20 years.

The Peer Project
The Peer Project matches youth mentors, ages 16-29, with newcomer and at-risk kids, ages 6-15, in a one-on-one peer mentoring relationship. The kids you can help face behavioural, social, emotional and cultural challenges.

Programs & Services:

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring
Peer mentors age 16-29 act as positive role models to help at-risk and newcomer kids age 6-15 reach their full potential.

Girls-only Group Mentoring
Girls (mainly newcomer girls) receive mentoring over 10 weeks based on their needs, ranging from support for emotional wellbeing to self-defense.


Eligibility: Mentee must be between 6-15 years old, Mentor must be between 16-29years old.